Dyetec and Hansol IMB Co., Ltd. acquired a patent for manufacturing a composition for coating with antibacterial and deo

HANSOL IMB 2021.12.09 18:17:06

Hansol IMB, a professional blind company, and Dyetec have obtained two patents by applying porous inorganic particles and photocatalysts to develop compositions that can adsorb and decompose fine dust and harmful substances to apply them to blinds. Contrary to the fact that in the past, methods that only have adsorption and deodorization performance for ammonia or that only can deal with a single substance was developed, through this patent registration, it has enabled 99.9% of formaldehyde adsorption, decomposition, and antibacterial properties represented by bird's sick house syndrome as well as preventing ammonia with more than three to four types of porous inorganic particles with only blinds without a separate device. Among Hansol IMB's products, we launched a product under a specialized brand called "Air Clean" by applying it to the roll blind and combi blind product line. In case there's some space between the window and the wall,

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